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Storm(‘n the) Cellar

All the hard work paid off and last night’s String Project gig at The Cellar was an excellent outing. Not only did we get to enjoy some solo and collective sets from our guests, the EKO Collective (with a few of us sitting in for a couple of songs with Julia Turner) but the ‘Project was on good form. Working through a larger sound system than normal, it was possible to bring out the rich warmth of the bass although I did also need to keep an earplug in one side as I was standing right next to one of the fill monitors.

We’ve got it all recorded, which probably won’t be quite ready to release as a live album but I’m looking back to hearing the results at our next rehearsal; I’m sure there will be homework as a result but I think there should also be a good helping of beautiful moments to enjoy.

Our next outing is at the tail end of the James Street Tavern Beer Festival – 9:45pm on Monday 4 May.

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