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That Time of Year

Outside it is another gorgeous April with sun and blue skies although also a rambunctious and surprisingly chillly breeze. However, as noted on Friday, the garden is springing to life — yesterday one of our pears opened some of its blooms and this morning I spotted that our plum also has a few blossoms on it.

It is a time of year for seeds; this weekend I’ve set some ‘chop suey greens’ (Chrysanthemum coronarium) underway in the polytunnel. It is a time for seedlings; as well as tidying the arrangement of the lettuce that had sprouted I also picked out and repotted the volunteer marigolds and nasturtiums that appeared among them. And it is a time for getting new plants; yesterday’s haul from a trip to the National Herb Centre at Warmington included Red Orach, Purple Sage (to supplement our rather battered looking specimen) and Blackcurrant Sage (which really does have a strong hint of blackcurrant when you rub the leaves – I’m looking forward to trying some infusions from this one once it has had a chance to get established).

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