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Car Share

Creativity thrives within limitations and Peter Kay’s Car Share is a brilliant example of this. John (Peter Kay) and Kayleigh (Sian Gibson) are thrown together for their commute to and from work because of a company directive about car sharing and almost all of the programme consists of their shared journies, mainly a set dashboard camera looking at the two of them side by side with occasional scene-setting shots on what seems to be a ridiculously long drive. I wonder if they deliberately take them down different roads each time as I still haven’t got a sense of the route and it just seems to go on and on!

It seems an incredibly restrictive format, more suited to a short sketch than a whole season, but the two principal actors do a fantastic job. It rises to the highest standards of British TV comedy, taking a prosaic setting, apparently ill-matched characters and yet, along with fantastic humour also drawing out something human and warm from the situation.

I’m very glad that my commute to work is a 15 minute cycle ride but, at the moment, I’m enjoying the weekly opportunity to cop a lift with John and Kayleigh. Highly recommended.

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