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Results from Broadband Speed Test

Speed Results

I know the Internet can run faster than this but I’m pleased with the boost that switching to a cable modem has given. Previously I was on about 4-5 Mb/s download speed so this should make a significant difference. A quick test using some of the online video services like iPlayer and YouTube ran very smoothly.

I probably should have switched ages ago. I was on quite an old package and this upgrade costs very little more. In theory I could have saved money by switching to a newer package at regular broadband speeds but, since the monthly outlay was sustainable, it’s fibre FTW! BTW, FWIW, it isn’t simply a case of getting a new modem – a bit of work has to be done by an engineer at the local exchange too but that was little hassle and was included free by the ISP (still Plusnet).

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