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Juice in the Hoose

A colourful foam in a glass, viewed from above

Beetroot, Carrot and Cucumber Juice

That colourful concoction is a combination of beetroot, carrot and cucumber, all of which get represented in the foam on top. We were recently given a juicer. It wasn’t something we were hankering for but it is a well-made machine and produces delightfully chromatic results. It also takes quite a large amount of fruit or veg as an input to get a glass of juice; I probably wouldn’t have eaten a beetroot, six carrots and half a cucumber for breakfast but I still had a small bowl of cereal after drinking this. However, all the pulp residue can go on the compost heap and the water used for rinsing the juicer parts is fine for reuse watering the garden.

I’d better check in the mirror before I go out; beetroot has a very rich colour and I don’t want to look like I’m wearing lipstick!

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