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New to the Garden

Yesterday’s plans ended up being a bit mutable. Originally I was due to pick Jane up from Orpington in the early evening but it turned out I could collect her from Guilford in the middle of the day instead. And, since it was a pleasant day and RHS Wisley was just up the road, we popped in for a wander. And, among all the amazing plants we saw, we spotted on that particularly caught our eye and which I guessed was some kind of primula. And, exiting through the plant centre, it turned out I was right…

Red spikes with purple flowers

Primula vialli

Primula vialli, also known as the orchid primula or red-hot poker primula, is a small but dramatic plant. And, yes, that’s what it looks like planted in our garden. We couldn’t resist the lure of adding to our collection and, if it survives (hardy down to -10°C but the soil might be drier than ideal and primulas can be attractive to slugs), it will be an excellent colour boost to the garden when it re-emerges in late spring next year, helping deal with the limited range of colours I noticed in my last post about looking down from above (Garden Constellations).

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