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Gig Sound Oddity

Yesterday’s gig with The String Project generally went very well. I was particularly delighted with our performance of Stravinsky’s Tango; there were still times where it felt like I was in freefall but I seemed to be falling into the right notes, in the right place at the right time, rather than than falling outside of them.

Standing onstage isn’t a good place to judge the overall sound but most of the time it felt good. The bass seemed rich and warm without having to work too hard at it. Oddly though, we had one song were the sound did seem to go to pot a bit. I wonder if the mixture of instrumentation and arrangement pushed the stage volume up to the point where, even with my sound dampening socks wedged under the pickup band, the bass started acting as a huge pickup for the stage sound, feeding it back into the system with an emphasis on muddy lower frequencies?

Still, we got through that one and back into the groove so, all in all, a pretty successful outing.

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