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Japanese Woodblock Printing – 2

Today has mostly been taken up with transferring my design to sheets of plywood and then carving out the non-printing areas from each one. The results look like this:

A piece of wood carved for printing

Printing Block

If you looked carefully you might spot my mistakes, like the points where I held the edge cutting tool (the hangi-to) at the wrong angle and undercut some of the bits that should have been pointed rather than giving them a profile that is wider at the base and relatively stable. This one has been cleaned up a bit further than shown above and I might get a chance to do some proof prints tomorrow after I finish plate #4.

In the bottom right and towards the left you can see two sections both marked K2. This stands for kento, which is the cunning system that allows multiple blocks to (hopefully) result in perfectly aligned images. A corner and a baseline is enough to line up the printing paper as long as I have been accurate enough with all my tracing and cutting. This is my number two block, hence K2.

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