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Japanese Woodblock Printing – 5

And we’ve finished:

Results from my week of printing

Prints and proofs

Today was quite an intense work out. I was working with eight sheets of paper, two proofing sheets, five on printing paper and one on washi, a Japanese paper made from mulberry fibres that feels like a cross between paper and fabric. Eight prints doesn’t sound like a lot but each one require multiple passes from several blocks. Checking back on my notes, I had nine layers per print so 72 impressions in total. Some of those were straightforward but others involved effects like bokachi (shading), stippling or free painting.

I’d like to take this further so I purchased a kit with the woodcutting tools and other equipment. While it was an intensive week, it was also informative and inspiring so many thanks to our excellent tutor, Laura Boswell, my fellow students and the Oxford Summer School. I think I might go again next year but, meanwhile, there is some self-imposed homework to crack on with.

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