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Weird Sounds

I was leading worship at St Clement’s this morning, playing bass and supported by keys and guitar. Most of the time I stuck to a “proper” bass sound – a bit of EQ, a bit of compression and a simulated Hartke amp head from my Zoom B3. However, I managed to sneak in something a little more left field when we played Matt Redman’s song Facedown. After all, a subtle song that conveys a passionately inimate relationship with God who mercifully, graciously calls us to come into his presence just calls out for a combination of distortion and autowah!

No, really! It does sound a little indulgent but it was just the ticket to add a layer of complexity and richness to long, sustained notes. I love to play things that sound like “bass” and then sometimes some things that bear a certain relationship but come from left field to keep the overall palette broad.

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