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As you might expect, I’ve got a collection of reasonably strong passwords. Typically they are around 20 characters including upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters. That should take millions of years to crack using current computing power (although it should be noted that the minimum standards increase rapidly) so I regard them as quite safe.

The trouble is that they can also be tricky to type in, especially since you can’t see what you are typing. Last week I seemed to be having a real struggle on a couple of systems to get all the right notes in the right order. Fortunately this week my typing-fu seems to be back up to scratch.

Part of me would love to be able to see all my mistypes and figure out just where I am stumbling. Of course, the other part of me realises that this would represent a serious security breach to be able to harvest all the misfires. If it happens again though, perhaps I need to find a quiet corner to sit in a quiet, unobserved place and do some practise in a temporary file to see if I can figure just what the common sticking points are.

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