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I survived

I survived the exam. In truth, it didn’t seem too bad although perhaps I should wait for the marks (probably getting on for a couple of months away) before trying to count the chickens! At least I answered all the questions and my hand didn’t cramp up.

Since I knew in advance the types of questions to expect (10 shorter answer ones and one essay question), one thing that would have helped was working out the expected timings. I felt I took too long on the first few and thus constantly felt under pressure to rush and never sure quite how behind I was. I hadn’t done this because I wasn’t sure if I would answer all the questions in a linear fashion but, as it was, I ended up not feeling there was time to contemplate doing anything else.

Probably the most difficult challenge was parking. My understanding of the council’s parking bay occupancy statistics didn’t seem to bear much relation to what I observed and I seemed to drive past hundreds of spaces before finding one. Looking back, maybe that is what I should have expected? The problem was that I wasn’t familiar enough with the area to contextualise the page full of information; if I have another exam, I’ll aim for a different block as I appear to have picked two with almost full occupancy of the standard rate bays. Still, I did find a place and hopefullly I’ll find that I also managed to pass when the results come in.

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