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Making an Impression

Back in the summer I attended a week long course on Japanese woodblock printing and have to admit that I haven’t got round to doing much with it since – a little design work and gathering some more materials but no carving and printing.

Today I made a start on correcting that. I mixed up some rice paste, which is used as a way of transforming watercolour pigment into a medium that is more suited to printing, and did a little bit of experimenting with some scrap wood and cheap paper. I must admit that I’m deliberately ignoring some of the things I learned in the interests of time — I’m printing on dry, unsized paper and, at this stage, I’m just working on a single impression so no need for cutting kento registration marks.

It still seems to work though. I’m not getting the full benefit of the techniques I learned but I’m making some colourful marks on paper and, once I refine other elements, I can work other things from my notes back in.

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