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Special Burgers

Tonight’s dinner revisited the sous vide burgers I made for our summer BBQ. We didn’t finish these ones over hot coals, although the weather would have been okay if we had wanted to. Instead, I used a hot pan to sear them before serving. Again, they were very successful although I think I could probably have made them larger (not deeper but wider); I started with about 500g of mince and made six burgers but, if I’d made four instead, that would have been the equivalent of a quarter pounder.

The burgers were quite easy to make, although the method involves a certain amount of waiting time as they sit in the hot water bath. I seemed to spend quite a long time in the kitchen though, which was probably down to the fresh bread rolls and hand-cut chips that accompanied the meat. All in all, quite a long time cooking but I think the result was worth it.

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