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Just at the right time

Doctor Who, for all his ability to travel through time and space, seems to bounce round chaotically. However, despite the absence of a carefully formulated plan, he has a remarkable ability to turn up in the right time and place: the right spanner dropped in the right hole at the right time to jam up engines of evil once more.

I wonder how much planning went on by the script writers for the release date of last night’s episode (episode 8 of series 9 of the current run, The Zygon Inversion)? I thought it both gripping and thought provoking last night but all the more when it came back to mind this morning during the two minute silence at church for Remembrance Sunday. Ignore the sci-fi trappings if you will, but the episode seemed perfectly placed for the weekend of Remembrance Sunday.

In case you haven’t seen it yet, I won’t say more but it was definitely a memorable story and an example of the series at its best.

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