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Feeling Sawer

No, it really isn’t so much as a word as a bad pun but I am definitely feeling sorer today. I’d planned to saw up just a few more logs and then get on with other things but I ended up spending most of the day sawing, chopping and shifting bits of wood about. Still, I’ve managed to shuffle things around and there is now not only a good stock of cut and seasoned wood for the Christmas season but more in the process of drying out and, crucially, some space cleared so that we can take advantage of the next opportunity that comes along to get more free wood.

It wasn’t all brute force work, although I did enough of that; I also sawed out a set of coasters from a branch of a suitable width; those will decorate the table for Christmas. No sawing tomorrow though, I think – I’ve got church in the morning (on bass), a party with the ukulele group in the afternoon and a jazz jam at the Red Lion in Brightwell cum Sotwell in the evening (bass again – 7-9pm).

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