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A Reasonable Weekly Shop?

What is a reasonable cost of weekly grocery shopping for a couple? I’m surprised how often Jane and I can reach the the £40 minimum that came into place for an online shop with Tesco a few months ago. We have been signed up for their delivery saver deal for sometime so as long as we put an order in most weeks, the actual cost of the delivery service is less than a couple of quid, which easily makes up for time petrol, time and ‘ooo… let’s try this’ temptations that actually going to a supermarket faces you with. However, that was easier when the minimum was £25 as it isn’t a saving if you end up buying things you don’t need to reach the threshold.

This week, we’re at the point of having enough things in that it is just a few short-lived groceries like milk and fruit that need topping up. I think I’m going to have to take a quick run out in person tonight and I’m sure Tesco won’t be amused that the slogan floating round in my brain is ‘Every Lidl helps’!

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