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Giving up a mockingbird

Lent! In recent years I’ve given up late nights and lie ins but what about this year? I’ve noticed I’m getting little broad-girthed so I think I’ll see if I can drop a mockingbird. A mockingbird? Brace yourself for the pun: about 2 kilos. If you didn’t get that, you should go set a watchman.

I haven’t got a particular plan other than trying to be a bit more cautious about portion sizes, snacks and drinks. There will be points where I feel hungry and, rather than always solving that by sating my appetite, I’ll try to use that as a prompt to some more prayer contemplation instead. The first thing on the agenda though is to do a weigh in tomorrow morning. I’m not a great one for regular weigh ins, not least because I understand that, with a dynamic system like the body, it can fluctuate to a certain degree, but I’ll probably keep a daily record over the period leading up to Easter to check that the general trend is in the intended direction.

What about you? Any disciplines or practices in mind for the season?

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