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Odd Choc

I wonder if there is something wrong with my tastebuds? Yesterday’s lunch – what was left of my mushroom and bean momo filling along with a topping of coleslaw – surprised me by tasting a lot like … chocolateā€½ It was so unexpected that it calls for the use an an interrobang; regular punctuation just wasn’t enough.

The taste might have had something in common with that experimental combination of a exclamation and question marks. The momo mixture blends the umami of the mushrooms with the more solid texture of the beans. The particular contribution of the coleslaw was probably the small amount of mayonnaise, loosened and infused by the moisture from the sliced vegetables. Between them, fat, texture and flavour combined to create a rather delicious if unusual result from a quick, thrown together leftover lunch.

Or it could just have been me; I saved some for Jane and she claimed not to detect the chocolate flavour at all. Your mileage may vary.

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