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Biscuit Barrelled

It would be more accurate to say that my Dark Biscuit brew is bottled but I couldn’t resist the pun. However, I’m excited to see how this latest brew is after 2-3 weeks of conditioning for two reasons.

Firstly, even the leftovers at bottling tasted great, with a rich, malty taste. I presume that is the biscuit malt coming through. With a little more time for the flavours to settle and some carbonation to occur, the job should be a good ‘un.

Secondly, with the recent change of UK Government guidance on alcohol consumption to 14 units a week for men, that is less than a pint a day of beer at an average strength of about 4% ABV. However, Dark Biscuit is low in alcohol, only coming in at about 2.9% ABV. That doesn’t mean I can glug away on it without a care in the world (not least because I only got 12 500ml bottles for my efforts) but excellent tasting, relatively low alcohol beer seem like a prudent area to investigate so I can enjoy the flavour without too much concern about the side effects (I want to build my collection of smaller bottles, too – 330ml is still a good size for a drink but another way of reducing the number of units consumed).

All that’s left now, is to come up with a label which I can apply before putting the bottles out to the cool store after their initial week inside and then to wait to taste the results. Oh, and figuring out what to brew next.

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