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Birdwatch Results 2016

Back in January, Jane and I took part in the annual RSPB garden birdwatch. I reminded her and she did the watching! Overall results are now available.

The house sparrow remains top of the chart and we have a good number of those visiting our garden although the number do rise and fall. I think we had more than the average (4 sparrows) but numbers in our garden were down on 2-3 years ago, before the bird-friendly ‘jungle’ in our neighbours garden was taken down to leave a much more open space. The long-tailed tit reached #10 in the charts for the first time; they are regular visitors to our garden and I don’t think we counted any that day but we have seen them from time to time in both our back and front gardens.

Lots of birds were seen up and down the country but the overall trend is still down. It is such a pleasure to share our space with these feathered visitors; I do hope that human habits will change and we’ll start to see a healthy upward trend instead.

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