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Tomorrow night sees the first public gig from The String Project since January. We are playing at the Florence Park Community Centre on Cornwallis Road in Oxford (doors open 7:30pm, £5 OTD, more on the gigs page) supported by a couple of other acts.

The band seems to be growing. If I counted right, we were up to a dectet on stage at one point at our most recent rehearsal and that’s without the contributions of Ableton, software that lets us add extra keys, drums and FX but without the rigidity of playing to a fixed backing track. Young Abe is getting incorporated quite well although there are still the odd moments of jeopardy in crossing the tightrope!

The Project is now large enough to bring the party along even before the audience show up but, if you are anywhere near, it will be a good night. If you aren’t, watch out for us at Jamboree in East London on 14 May (also detailed on the gigs page).

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