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Eye in the Sky

Drones have been all over the news but one company wants to take a different approach to putting an eye in the sky.

A flying device that looks like a large eyeball

Skye blimp

I am still in two minds about whether this particular design takes the concept too literally but the basic concept – using a helium balloon for lift with smaller motors only needed for manoeuvring – seems interesting and is based on flying technology with a longer precedent than the multi-prop helicopter approach of most drone devices.

There might still be drawbacks though. I don’t know how you prevent a strong wind carrying it out of control range and, while the motors are light and the camera payload is normally cushioned by the balloon to make it safe flying over crowds, what happens in the event of a “sudden depressurisation incident” – in other words, if something causes the balloon to pop? Hopefully they have some redundant sub-layers inside to reduce the potential for disaster.

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