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Wrens and Trees

Today has been filled with trees. We’ve been round visiting some friends and finishing the job of reducing the height of an old pear treee in their back garden. Lots of sawing, several large branches, quite a few scratches and, fortunately, no real injuries and the job is done. There are a couple more bits we might take back next year and then it will just require an annual check and a much easier regime of pruning to stop it soaring back too large for the space.

The other tree we were interested in today though was the hawthorn that grows on the small patch of land just outside the back of our fence. It gives access to garages for neighbours on the next road along but our understanding is that the land itself doesn’t belong to anyone. We’ve had a wren visit our garden quite frequently recently and today we saw it darting into ivy on the hawthorn tree several times after hunting around in our garden – that means there is every chance there is a nest there. That is something to watch for over the coming months.

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