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Looking Down on the Front Garden – May 2016

For my series of upstairs shots of the garden I normally focus on the back but, since even the shot I took a week ago is already falling out of currency, here is the front instead:

View of the front garden from an upstairs window

Front Garden – May 2016

Click on the image to view the full set. The particular feature of note is the set of sticks between the water butt and the compost bin in the bottom left. You can see a nearby pile of sticks which had toppled a bit. Rather than stacking them all back, I decided to experiment with using some of them to create a path over what was a muddy patch. I’m pleased with the result and so am planning to apply a similar approach at the far end of the garden round the elder (Sambucus nigra ‘Black Lace’) that you can’t see here because it is obscured by the verdant growth of the medlar (Mespilus germanica).

These paths will take some maintenance to stop them becoming overgrown with weeds but it should be better than trying to mow round what is presently a tight and awkward patch of grass.

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