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Pulled Pork

When eating out recently I’ve enjoyed pulled pork on a couple of occasions – meat cooked so thoroughly that it shreds into fibres. Therefore, when I saw Tom Kerridge demonstrate his method on the Food Detectives programme, I decided to give it a try.

The key ingredient is a relatively tough piece of meat like shoulder of pork. You then add a dry rub that draws out moisture and draws in flavour. Looking at Tom’s mixture and then comparing to what I had in the kitchen, I ended up with salt, brown sugar, cumin seeds, ground black pepper, ground star anise (husks discarded), dried sage from the garden dried mixed herbs from the supermarket. Once rubbed generously into the meat, it is covered and left in the fridge overnight.

The next day the meat is partially cured and sitting in a pool of liquid. It goes into a roasting tin with some chicken stock and then, sealed with tin foil into a low oven for five hours. Tom suggested 150°C but, since I have a fan oven, I dropped down to 135°C. I can’t remember what I did with the left over meat juice although I should probably have put it in the roasting tin.

The result worked very nicely. To be critical, it was perhaps a bit dry and the flavour was quite subtle (although the fat was delicious!) which is probably why it is often served lathered in BBQ sauce. However, it is a good approach and provided several meals worth. One to try again.

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