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Wednesday 29 June 2016
by Wulf
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Stretching the Jazz Muscles

I haven’t yet mentioned my musical day on Sunday, which saw me playing three different ‘gigs’. The first was at church, so relatively easy music, a very forgiving setting and, when things are going right, nobody is really listening too … Continue reading

Saturday 25 June 2016
by Wulf
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Two Hedgehogs

I was up late on Thursday night not because of politics but because of hedgehogs. Driving back home past 11pm we spotted something in the road near where we live. As we got closer, it became apparent that it was … Continue reading

Friday 24 June 2016
by Wulf
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So when do I get my …

Sorry European Union. We managed to get the least desirable of results in our referendum, close but on the side that commits us to irrevocable divorce and with wide disparity in the results, particularly Scotland coming down remain in every … Continue reading