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If I was @NicolaSturgeon

I’ve got a cunning plan although I think I might be too late publishing it to stop wheels turning in other directions. What about if Scotland negotiated to remain part of the EU?

On the back of Scotland having unanimously voted that way in the EU Referendum, and thus being on the losing side, there are strong machinations to have a second ‘once in a lifetime’ vote about Scottish independence, a few years after the previous one. I can see the logic of that but I think there could be a better way to play the game.

If Scotland, clearly a country in its own right, approached the EU not about whether it might be able to join if it left the UK but if it might be able to stay, that could change the game. Now if the rest of the UK wanted full independence from Europe it would have to raise the hand to sever the ties of the Union (and could take the blame for any difficulties). Meanwhile, it might provide the rest of the UK a way to climb back in if our £350 million a week and all those other promises from the leavers don’t materialise. It even strengthens the EU by tying it into the fabric of the continent at a lower level.

Just an idea ….

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