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Pizza Tests

Do you remember my recent posting about speedy pizza? I got round to doing at least an opening round of those experiments I threatened with a base recipe of 45g lukewarm water, 75g flour and a pinch of salt. Each recipe had a twist:

  1. Bread flour + 2g yeast
  2. Bread flour. No yeast
  3. Self raising flour

All were cooked with the same topping as before and at the same time in a pre-heated oven. I did find that I liked #1 best as it was a bit crisper. However, that may not have been the yeast. It was nearest the back of the oven. It was also the first one I kneaded on an oiled board so it may have been down to either more oil content or more time resting before being introduced to the heat. FWIW, Jane preferred the softer finish of #3.

I think more experiments may beckon but overall, there’s no need to obsess too much. It’s a thin round of fresh dough underneath a flavoursome topping. With those parameters, I expect even plain flour and water would do the job, especially with a bit of oil in the mix. The whole point of speedy pizza is to get food to the plate; if you want a more gourmet experience you can take a lot more time and care but you end up with pizza after a wait rather than speedy pizza in a few minutes.

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