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Shakey-Speare Bottled

I think my Shakey-Speare brew could have been bottled a week ago – specific gravity was at 1.011 last Thursday, remained there last Friday and hasn’t shifted since. However, I’ve had a busy few days so I let it sit in the fermentor a few more days. Bottling was finally done today and the obligatory sample was highly promising.

I got 15 bottles – three 500ml and 12 330ml, so just shy of 5.5l. I could have eked another bottle out but decided to keep that with the brewing lees to top up my slug pubs and entice the garden gastropods away from my plants. That’s a little less yield than the previous brew despite starting with the same amount of water (and also saving a dose for the garden); I expect a lot of that was down to boiling for 90 minutes rather than 60.

Calculated ABV was 4.07%. Given the precision of my set up, I think 4.1% will be near enough for the labels – my final task to get this one ready to both drink and to confidently share with guests. I bottled with 40g of sugar dissolved in a little hot water – slightly higher than my average but, for a summer drink, I’d like to push the carbonation a little further than I normally go for. It will sit inside for a week or so now for the carbonation ferment in the bottle and then be labelled and moved out to the slightly cooler larder to be on hand.

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