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Saving the World. Again.

Having a friend, who is a research scientist in infectious diseases, round for dinner was a prompt to break out our copy of Pandemic for some after dinner entertainment. We first got the game about four and half years ago and have definitely got our money’s worth from the investment although it hasn’t come off the shelf very often recently. I must get round to blogging about some of the games we have been playing recently as there are some excellent options out there.

Tonight we won, just about. Once we’d finally found the cure for the fourth of the horrible plagues we peeked at the next cards that would have come up and spotted another epidemic that would have arrived and probably wiped us out (and, if not, we were starting to get to the point where running out of cards would have done for us).

The session was gripping but enjoyable. Perhaps next time we get it out we’ll try again on something above the ‘easy’ level of challenge!

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