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A Complex Way to Make Things Simple

My ukulele group has been working on Ken Middleton’s arrangement of The Colosseum Hornpipe, as demonstrated by the arranger himself in the video below:

It isn’t the most difficult folk tune out there by a long shot but is is a step or two beyond strumming along to classic pop songs so it is quite slow going. I decided it would help to give an easier option for those who are less adept at this kind of thing so that those of us who are up for the challenge can work on getting it a bit nearer this speed without scaring the rest of the group off.

So tonight I have been experimenting with using my Zoom H1 to record my uke into Logic, first to capture the melody and then to explore some ideas for simple accompaniments. Nothing to share just yet – I want to listen back, write it out and try it on the group next week – but I’m getting there… even if it is a complex way to work towards making something simple!

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