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Covering an Area

Tonight’s task has been a trip back to using elementary maths. We’re almost ready to put paint on our decorating project (hallway and landing) and so I was measuring up and estimating the area to cover.

With a box-shaped room it is fairly easy. Length x height for each wall, summed up and subtracting measurements for doors and windows. It can be done fairly roughly as you are relying on the manufacturer’s estimate of coverage which could be some distance away from what surface and technique actually produce; the aim is to overestimate enough to give a safety margin without ending up buying too many tins of paint.

Measuring the landing and hallway proved to be more complex as there are lots of interacting shapes including triangles. I even broke out a bit of Pythagorean theorum although resisted the call of trigonometry. Estimates now done, the next thing is to purchase the paint.

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