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Or Possibly Not

I might have been too presumptuous in blaming the rocket for my urticaria yesterday. With an antihistamine tablet it cleared up nicely… until the early evening when it reappeared. I had a medical check up today and all general vital signs seem good – blood pressure, heart rate, blood sugar – so it is possible that my symptoms are one of the many cases of urticaria caused by a mysterious short-term virus.

It looks like I’ll have to endure it a bit longer although I might experiment with the option of snapping the tablet in half so I can have two 5mg doses rather than a single 10mg hit – it remains to be seen if this will assuage the symptoms for 24 hours rather than 12 or so. Meanwhile, I’ll have to hope that I’m one of the many people for whom urticaria clears up naturally in a relatively short time frame.

I’ll stay off the rocket for now anyway, just in case!

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