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Rocket Fuel Burns

I think I might have had too much rocket (Aragula) last night. It is going to seed in our polytunnel so we picked a trug-full, boiled it and used it as greens with dinner last night. It would be fair to say I didn’t sleep well and I got to experience urticaria. Much as I’m fascinated by medicine, I’m not so enamoured of finding large patches of my body covered with itchy welts!

I self diagnose that the two things were probably related. Certainly I can still taste the mustard burn of the rocket on my taste buds and the large dose of the leaves was the only thing that stands out as unusual about what I consumed yesterday. I will lay off the plant for a while; hopefully I haven’t tipped my body over the edge into an ongoing sensitivity as, in smaller amounts, it is a fantastic salad addition and an easy one to grow.

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