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Woven Copper

I have recently been exploring wire work and here is an experimental piece I made on Monday evening.

Hand-woven copper trinket


The photo is in close-up; the actual work is about 1.5cm long. It was at least as fiddly as you might imagine, if not more so! I’d intended a very even effect so, as you can see, did not quite manage to achieve that.

A key lesson for the future is to find a better way of holding the thicker bits of wire before trying to weave between them if I try to repeat this design. Perhaps a small vice would do the job? Additionally, I simply need to do a lot more practise on the basics. It is all very good to go from sketchbook to metal but I need to spend a bit more time detouring through building my skills.

Still, better to try and end up with something imperfect than not to even start the attempt.

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