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Back to the 80s Coloring Book

Book cover

Back to the 80s

Over the past couple of years, colouring books have come back in vogue and many bookshops now sport a collection of books you are positively encouraged to scribble on. Age is no barrier and grown-ups are positively encouraged to play. Back to the 80s, produced by US company LightBurst Media, is one such self-styled colouring book for adults.

The unnamed artist(s) has certainly created a hit parade of 1980s motifs, from leotards with legwarmers to cassette mix  tapes. However, I would characterise the drawings as relatively unsophisticated cartoons. I remember the 80s and although there is some nostalgic interest they bring to mind the kind of thing that would have been published for early teens back in that decade rather than the sophistication of most modern grown-up colouring books.

I looked for a redeeming point and did note the Spotify playlist mentioned near the start. Neat idea! Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a trace of it. Perhaps the UK version of Spotify uses a different subscriber list? I don’t think I’ll be wearing out many of pens on this book, even the fluorescent ones.

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