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A few weeks ago I mentioned that I had spoken on the raising of Lazarus at St Clement’s. Found in John 11, it is a fascinating story that only appears in John’s gospel. Why only in one gospel? My pet theory is that Lazarus was still alive when the other gospels were written so there was a desire on the part of Matthew, Mark and Luke (and any of their shared sources) to keep his amazing resurrection low key. John is understood to have been written a bit later – perhaps up to 40-50 years after the events – by which point Lazarus had probably been laid to rest more permanently and thus the story could be shared more freely.

I’ve put a PDF of my outline online, including illustrations. Today I’m back at my old stamping grounds in Lewisham to assist with worship music at an event at Hither Green Baptist Church so, while I’m on the road and then on bass, have a read.

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