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A Long Bit of Paper

Those who get to vote in the Witney Parliamentary by-election next week are going to have a long ballot paper to wrestle with. I’ve just glanced over a list of the candidates to replace former MP (and PM) David Cameron and there are fourteen contenders!

Labour and Conservative are represented as are the Liberal Democrats, Greens and UKIP. However, they are joined by several independents as well as a wide range of representatives of small and single issue parties. Even those wanting to vote in technicolour will be spoilt for choice with the Official Monster Raving Loony Party, the Eccentric Party of Great Britain (a breakaway from the former) and the Bus-Pass Elvis Party (in effect another independent but with a glitzier jumpsuit).

Given the choice, there ought to be a good turnout. I suspect that the result will still probably come out blue but that may not be a foregone conclusion. The disgruntled and those who want to express a low opinion of how Cameron has served the country and constituency have plenty of options particularly given that, if they did put a minority candidate in Parliament, it will only be until the next election and there’s no guarantee that will stick to the scheduled 2020.

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