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Out the Doghouse

My double bass got a good reception at last night’s jazz jam. It is the first time I have taken it there for a long while. As a bassist, I prefer the clarity and control I have on the electric bass; I can freshly appreciate why Leo Fender called his first solid body bass the Precision. However, I got quite a lot of appreciative comments on the upright’s sound from the other players. Either they hear it more clearly by being in front of the soundboard and not having the amp pointing directly at their ankles or they aren’t listening as closely to the basslines as I am so thumping away in the foundation is enough for them. I think I might have to take it again but better out the doghouse than in the doghouse.

I did achieve my primary aim, which was to check that my fingers can cope with playing a couple of hours in a live jazz situation. I’ve got a gig coming up in early November where I need to play for three hours (some breaks but also only DB and piano as the group) so I wanted to check that my endurance is still in the ballpark.

Practising at home is one thing but the live setting has its own lessons. Turn up louder was the key one I was reminded of after the first song. Without that, I’m less sure that my fingers would have held out!

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