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Squandered Time

I love the end of October. In this part of the UK, we generally get relatively warm weather and the colours of autumn leaves are at their glorious peak. More than that, though, the clocks fall back and, on the last Sunday of October, we get an extra hour in bed! Consequently, for a week or two, mornings seem noticeably brighter even if I know I will be cycling home in the dark and getting up early seems an hour easier!

I did get the benefit yesterday morning although I think I squandered it a little last night by going out for that jam session and then staying up longer where I finally got in. I wasn’t quite as bright as I should have been this morning although that was probably worth it for a chance to be stretched on some tunes that are less familiar to me. Maybe I’ll try to get an earlier night tonight though and see if I can eke out the benefits of the clock change a little longer!

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