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Double and up

Last night’s gig with The String Project was great fun. I had some doubts about whether unamplified double bass would be loud enough but it was fine. The Furry Mic crowd is very well trained and, although there were some amps involved in the evening, they listened attentively to quieter contributions and didn’t complain at the odd fluctuation (I think there was a dodgy lead somewhere).

Apart from the Project who, if I say so myself, pulled off a pretty fine set, I particularly enjoyed the opening numbers from Disco Shrapnel¬†and the female vocal group currently going by the name Hunter’s Moon, although they were called something else when they sang at our Florence Park gig earlier this year and I think they change their name between most gigs.¬†Disco Shrapnel were a three piece but covered multiple instruments between them, playing some difficult stuff and making it look easy as well as sounding groovy.

Anyway, thanks to the hosts and the audience; we hope to return.

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