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Drifting Fog

I got a chance to practise my driving in fog chops yesterday when coming back from Devon. That county was enjoying a gorgeous, crisp winter’s day, as was Somerset by the time we got there but round about the Chippenham junction on the M4 we began to experience large banks of drifting fog.

You’d enter it and visibility would drop so you’d have to put on lights, fog lights and allow extra space between you and the vehicle in front. Then you’d be out of it. Then back in. Then out. Then back in. Rinse and repeat!

The oddest thing was the quality of the light as you were coming out of it. Backlit fog taking on blues and golds from the sky. If there hadn’t been the small matter of a drive to finish, it would have been lovely to get out for a walk at one of those halfway houses.

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