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Honesty in Blogging

How honest is my blog? That question came to mind as I reflected back on another year. Once again, I have managed to get a post up almost every single day but how truthful are they?

I do try to be straightforward in the opinions I post. If I write about something I liked, I will tell you that I liked it. If I disagree with something or someone I have heard elsewhere, I will say so – and try to capture what it is that I can’t hold with. I was on the losing side of both the Brexit and Trump votes (admittedly only as an observer for the latter) and, if you read the relevant posts, I think that would have been amply clear.

On the other hand, I am selective. A lot of my content is trivial. I make no bones about wilfully picking things that have caught my interest. However, you mustn’t imagine that the blog is necessarily that representative of all the things I have been thinking about. Some of my experiences make the cut but a lot more don’t. I’m not trying to hide the warts but nor am I setting out to be particularly self-revealing. These are my words escaping on the Internet; I don’t imagine that they are widely read but I do realise that anyone could read them and there is no way of getting them back. You won’t find me doing anything silly like putting bomb and airport in the same sentence.

D’oh! Context should forgive me in that case and I’m sure I do give away more than I imagine just by virtue of the volume of my output. However, while it is the truth, don’t expect it to be the whole truth. No intentional dishonesty but this ain’t even pretending to be everything about me and what I think.

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