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Or anyone else. If you’ve tried to reach me by mobile, I’m finally back on the network. I don’t think I’ve got all the messages that were left for me during the week though so, if I haven’t replied, please try again.

It did take a lot longer than I expected. On Friday I called up as, the previous Friday I’d been told to expect my replacement SIM within 4-5 working days. That isn’t just me being impatient – now that mobile phones are often used as a second authentication factor for things like bank transactions, they have become much more valuable as it isn’t just the small amount of credit the chip holds that is potentially at risk. I was told it was due to arrive by 8pm that evening; it didn’t but finally dropped through the letter box yesterday morning.

Then it was a matter of getting it working. I was unclear if it had been pre-activated – it worked enough for me to set a SIM PIN but didn’t let me on the network. I waited a bit and then tried the activation link via the operator’s website and waited some more. Several hours later, I gave the phone another reboot and finally it sprang into life. Now I’m up and running again and, so far, still very impressed with the IMO Q phone, even if less so with the network.

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