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Having got my assignment in successfully earlier this week, I decided it was time to get ready for some more homebrewing.  Based on the failure of my previous attempt, , I am going to take pains to thoroughly clean everything involved in the process and also to book in time next weekend to bottle it. I am sure that getting sidetracked and leaving the previous batch in the fermenter for too long was a contributing factor.

This morning I popped over to local supplier, Stonehelm, to pick up the order I placed yesterday. They either do mail order or, for locals, you can arrange to collect and avoid the delivery costs. The slight challenge is that the business is run from a house rather than a shop. It is 3-4 years since I last went there so I ended up having to ring once I was in the vicinity – it turned out the small sign was hidden behind a parked van.

All I need to do now (before I start the cleaning and mashing) is to figure out what recipe to use.

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