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Dot Dot Dot

Large dot pattern on a shower curtain

Dot Dot Dot

I realised that I was falling behind on my 52photos project. I managed two old images and then missed a week. I need to set things up so that I have my camera to hand; I need to remove the obstacles that knock me off course. Then it struck me – that new iPad has a very decent camera built in which I haven’t begun to explore and it is sitting right next to me. D’oh!

This is the shower curtain in the bathroom, photographed and gently processed on the iPad and then uploaded directly to my Flickr account. Easy. Any why dot, dot, dot? It so happens that I’ve just finished re-reading a Morse story – perhaps more on that later this week.

How are your New Year resolutions and plans going? Are there obstacles you need to think your way around?

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