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Face to Face

I was up relatively early this morning and out driving through the countryside. I enjoyed the beauty of warming early morning sun over thick hoarfrost and decent glances at several perching buzzards but my aim was to get to a rendezvous in the Cotswold Water Park where I was to meet some fellow student from the TU812 Managing Systemic Change course.

I would have arrived on time except for a small systemic failure in finding the right cafe. Thanks to Google Maps I ended up at the large hotel next door and being directed on to Cirencester. Fortunately I could get online with my phone to check the details of the venue and it turned out the place I wanted was not far away but recognised locally by a different name from the one I’d expected. It was an informal gathering though so it didn’t matter that much and I enjoyed a pleasant morning getting to know some fellow members of my cohort and having the chance to discuss systems thinking with others who have been learning (and equally struggling with) the same lingo.

Distance learning creates possibilities but a little gathering like this is a wonderful opportunity.

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