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Red Lioning

It’s too late to invite¬†you to¬†tonight’s jazz jam at the Red Lion, since it finished at 9pm, but that was my third ‘gig’ of the weekend (last night in Reading and this morning at church being the other two). I made it through last night although my hearing was definitely below par (although good enough to catch that we weren’t all playing off the same chords for a few of the songs!). It has been much better today – almost back to normal as long as I keep my head upright. I’ll see how it feels tomorrow.

I also had a strange listening experience when I woke up this morning. We use the radio as an alarm and it is on the left of the room but I was certain I was hearing it from my right. Cue a few confused moments as I tried to figure out where the sound was coming from! It was just that the left ear was blocked so I must have been picking up the reflected sound from the wall on my right. However, for now, I’m pleased to be back up to playing.

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