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The Overcoming Life by DL Moody

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The Overcoming Life

DL Moody (1837-99) was an outstanding Christian evangelist and author of the 19th century. He developed a reputation as a powerful speaker and attracted large crowds numbering in the thousands but his ministry continues not only through organisations he founded but also through the body of writing he left behind. The Overcoming Life, a collection of sermons, was first published in 1896 and has been reissued by Aneko Press.

Some of the mannerisms of the writing hint that it is an older work but Moody’s message still comes across sharp and fresh. His prescriptions – such as overcoming unbecoming tempers by asking those you hurt by them for forgiveness – are just as potent as when they were first delivered. This would also be good medicine if you wanted to gently remind someone that the way to walk with God is not to go chasing after the latest awesomeness on the Christian scene but, well, to walk with God even when it means cutting away bad habits that seem to come to us so naturally.

If there is a flaw in this particular presentation of the work, it is that it doesn’t add much to the sermons. You do get a decently formatted rendering if you read the work online at the Aneko Press site¬†or purchase their ebook version but I think they could have put a little work into introducing the new reader to Moody and to the genesis and subsequent influence of this particular book.

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